You might ponder randomly at times when you are driving on the road, either going or coming back from work, a thought like “What if I break the speed limit?” and all of a sudden you got the sweats, and you’re trying to stay calm not to accidentally flooring it and breaking the traffic law. Well, the road safety rules and traffic laws exist solely for our own protection, and we need to abide by them like everyone else because nobody is above the law. So, let us guide you through the tips to stay within the speed limit and avoid breaking the law:

Know the Speed Limit for Each States

Speed Limit

The average speed limit in the United States of America is 45 mph on rural paved country roads and 55 mph on two-lane roads, while on four-lane roads, it’s at 65 mph and 70 mph on interstate highways. But this might differ slightly when you’re in a different state. For example, in Montana, you don’t need to be all that wary with your speedometer because there’s no speed limit whatsoever during the day, but when nighttime falls, and the sun doesn’t shine anymore, vehicles will be restricted to go only as fast as 65 mph on interstate highways and 55 mph on a two-lane road. Thus, you need to do your homework on the state you’re residing and make sure that you’re following the speed limit like the Bible.

Keep an Eye on the Speedometer

Keeping an eye on the road while driving is the most fundamental rule of driving there is, but we can avoid our brain getting lazy when the road is far stretched out, and you’re just driving forward on a seemingly never-ending drive, you can watch the speedometer for a split second before returning your gaze back to upfront. One glance at the speedometer can give us the knowledge to adjust our speed and to drive tempo to abide by the traffic law. You wouldn’t want your brain to get foggy and unconsciously step on the pedal and increasing your car speed while driving, right? So, occasionally from time to time, keep an eye on the speedometer to avoid your speed crawling up unnoticed.

Avoid Distractions on the Road


We’ve talked before about how our minds can travel when we’re on the road, and it doesn’t even have to be anything peculiar there; just driving alone in the dead of night, with nothing but you and the sound of your radio can trick the mind into wandering off on its own. Still, they’re no less good than real-time-real-world distractions on the road like a traveling circus, a monument, animal crossing, etc.. Heck, even talking with your passenger for a prolonged period could leave you distracted. So, to avoid pedaling to the medal, we should concentrate and dismiss all distractions until we’ve stopped.

The Takeaway

The traffic law is absolute for any driver, and no one is above it, which is why we should always abide by it and follow it to ensure the safety of everyone else on the road. Follow these tips to avoid going past the speed limit and getting in trouble with the law.