There’s plenty of reasons not to break the law, but it seems over the years, many people have built a resistance towards feeling guilty or wrong. It’s as if the Joker from Dark Knight has invaded the hearts of millions and corrupted them with anarchy and chaos. Let us remind ourselves that the law exists to keep balance and order; without it, the world as we know it will be on fire. So, as a gentle reminder, we’ve created a list of what we will get if we break the law:

Jail Time


It’s a given that people who break the law get jail time. This should be a good enough reason for you not to break the law because being in prison is no party and anyone who’s been in prison never wants to come back. Prison is full of criminals and lawbreakers that are just the worst of the worst; you got rapists, child abusers, serial killers, arsons, and the whole nine yards of bad people inside a cramped building which won’t end up good for you if you’re not about that life. So, always be careful not to mess with the law and respect it if you don’t want to go to jail.

Paying Fine


Another good reason not to break the law is paying the fine. Each lawbreaker will be given a penalty that he has to pay, whether it’s with time or money. Paying law fines is such a pain in the posterior because the amount is just incredibly high and can reach up to ten thousand dollars, and that’s just from one offense. Can you imagine if you broke several laws all at once? You might even be bankrupt if you’re not careful.



Being reported on live television or seeing your face in the newspaper usually brings joy and pride, but what if it’s for the wrong reasons? Like you’ve committed murder, or you just robbed a bank. That would put you in the spotlight for all of your friends and families to share the second-hand embarrassment and distraught at the sight of you being convicted as a criminal. Facing the consequences of our actions involuntarily can deal us a great amount of embarrassment and guilt, so if you don’t ever want to have that sick feeling of shame and guilt in your guts, for all that is good in you, don’t ever break the law.

The Bottom Line

There’s always a reason to commit a crime, but you just don’t do it because it never is a good enough reason, and it will never be worth it. Avoiding breaking the law should be your primary concern in life because the penalty and loss incurred to you will be substantial.