The law has made it clear on whether you should be wearing a mask or not when you are outside, but some people have a thicker skull than the rest of the population and don’t seem to understand that they are putting themselves and others at risk with the coronavirus. The CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended masks be put on use in public places to help flatten the coronavirus spread across the nation.

Yet, some states are doing them better by making it the law for citizens to wear masks when they’re out in public. To inform you and avoid you getting entangled with the law involuntarily, here are some of the states where wearing masks is mandatory by law:


Governor John Carney, who governs the state of Delaware, has declared a state of emergency ever since the coronavirus has gone viral in the United States of America, which forces his hand to issue an order that enforces mask-wearing in all public premises for all Delaware residents. This means that even if you’re going to the convenience store to grab some milk or cigarettes, you need half of your face covered with a mask to avoid a law infraction case be brought up with your name on it. Based on what we can see on the Delaware government site, any citizens who failed to do so will be detained in charge of public safety and criminal offense.



When you hear the word Hawaii, you can picture a place of freedom from all troubles where we can surf and relax on the beach. Sadly, the coronavirus has undermined that to the extent Governor David Ige is forced to use his executive order and declared a state of emergency requiring all customers to wear face masks, which goes for businesses’ employees. Violation of his executive order could result in a fine of $5000 or a year in jail.


Like other states, Governor Charlie Baker has issued an order to require all Massachusetts residents to wear face masks in all public premises, both indoors and outdoors. Any infraction would lead to a fine of $300, so if you want to avoid spending a lot of money, you need to keep the bottom half of your face covered at all times when you’re in Massachusetts.

New York

New York

The city that never sleeps has become the city that always wears a mask. This is due to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order requiring all New York citizens to wear face coverings when they’re out in public areas such as malls, hospitals, and restaurants. They also shared information on what mask is acceptable and what’s not, so you might want to check out their government website if you live in New York.

The Bottom Line

The world is brought to its knees by the coronavirus pandemic, and we need to work together to survive this disease outbreak and breathe the fresh air again without being in constant fear. Let’s all follow in these states’ footsteps and remind each other to keep our faces covered when we’re outside.